Playtime with pRana


Like I mentioned before, I’m taking this year to focus on being fearless. Part of being fearless is letting the control freak in me go, and taking time to PLAY. And playing means getting outside in the sunshine on weekends without a rhyme or a reason! Adventures force you outside of your comfort zone, which […]

A Little Bit of This and That


Ever since my ultra, I decided to take a break from running “for a reason” and back to running for fun. That means my life has been filled with short, don’t-care-about-mileage runs in between CrossFit and all of the other crazy, daily life tasks. I have a ton of fun training for races, and accomplishing […]

Currently: February


  … on week 2 of a the Smolov Junior squat program. It’s a 3 week, 4 days/week squat strengthening program that is for real kicking my booty lately. My legs have never been this tired — but I feel so much stronger already! It’s crazy what consistent squats can do for your overall strength. […]

One Little Word for 2015: FEARLESS


I got this idea for a “2015 word” from Lynne. Her blog post got me wondering about my own little word for 2015, and what I ultimately wanted to strive for this year. My word for 2015… Fearless.  2014 brought about a lot of change, a lot of nerves and plenty of times when I […]

A Fresh Start


It’s January, but these aren’t New Year’s resolutions. Simply put, I realized that I need to start putting more effort into myself and less into things that drain my energy and disrupt my inner peace. Call it cliche (because it is…), but I had a sudden change of heart on morning after hot yoga. Nothin’ […]

7 Things I Learned From Running an Ultra


  I signed up for an ultra-marathon [for those of you who do not know what an ultra-marathon is, it is anything over 26.2 miles… #ouch] on a whim. I had done a handful of half marathons, but never anything over 13.1. Sure, I was nervous. But, I had come to the conclusion over the past year […]

Forced Into Being A Skier


Title: How To Be Dramatic 101. Taught by yours truly. Okay, okay. So, I wasn’t forced. But there were some driving factors. Let me explain… When I was 7 years old I strapped a board to my feet during a lesson at the base on Mt. Maury, Winter Park [magic carpet ftw..] and never looked […]

Training For Naptime


Remember that one time I ran a 50k and then fell off the face of the internet LIKE WOAH. Well now I’m back and here to share all of the happenings in my life as of late like I didn’t just stop blogging for about a month. Because we’re friends, right? And you wouldn’t forget […]

Breakfast Cookies (For those on-the-go!)


With an hour-long commute and hectic schedule, having breakfast on-the-go is a must. Don’t get me wrong, I wish that I could sit down to a steaming bowl of oatmeal and coffee everyday while catching up on blogs. But alas, girlfriend has gotta eat on the road! When Supreme Protein challenged me with creating a […]

My First 50k: All the Nitty, Gritty Details

my first 50k gear

It’s been a little over a week week since I crossed the finish line of my very first 50k. Running 34 miles with a crap ton of elevation gain means a lot of time spent out on the trail…which requires the right gear! Going into this race, I honestly had no idea on what to […]