Easter + Birthday Weekend


This post is getting up a little late solely because of the fact that I’m slowly dying of every flu/virus/bacteria infection imaginable. No. You’re dramatic. If you want to hear about the fun stuff and not the gross stuff, skip down to the pictures — we all know that’s the best part. Other than the […]

20 Questions


HAPPY FRIDAY!!! In lieu of it being MY. BIRTHDAY. WEEKEND. I’m kicking this morning off with a fun survey I got from Emily’s blog! Enjoy! 1. What brings you the most joy?  Being at the CrossFit gym. The lake. My family. Dancing to thriller on the beach one night 2. What are your vices? My Nalgene water bottle. Headbands. […]

Rest Is Good


Hey y’all!  I’m uber sore this morning. Like I can barely sit down to pee, sore. Even where my neck meets my head (I’m sure there’s some term for this?) is tender. Eek!  After 10 days (YES. TEN. WHOLE. DAYS) off from my CrossFit box, I headed to the gym on Monday night to complete […]

12 Things You Must Do In Colorado


1.Visit a brewery Colorado is home to hundreds of breweries. Literally. Whether you want craft beer, or a good ol’ Coors light, check out one of the many brew tours Colorado has to offer. There are multiple “microbreweries” scattered along the state, but if you’re looking for a full-on tour, check out Coors Brewery Tour […]

Five Things Friday III: Who Doesn’t Love GG?


Five Things I’m Loving This. Gossip Girl FTW. Chuck Bass is the love of my life. Sorry, Ian. SUNSHINE! 75 DEGREE TEMPS! NOT FREEZING MY CAJONES OFF EVERY MORNING! This little lady’s laugh THIS QUOTE THE FACT THAT MY BIRTHDAY IS IN A WEEK Five Favorite Posts This Week How to Get More Blog Traffic […]

A day in the life of my WIAW

green monster smoothie

As of now, my days are kind of random. I’m finishing up my last semester of school, working as a nanny and also as a receptionist at a family friends sprinkler business and finding time to blog, CrossFit and train for the half. So, my days aren’t typically a 9-5 and tend to vary each […]

Happy E-days!


Today marks the first day of Engineering days, or E-days as us locals call it. E- Day highlights include the traditional (and legendary) fireworks show at Brooks Field, the ore-cart pull to the state capitol where the governor reads an E-Day proclamation, live entertainment, engineering-themed games, a cardboard canoe race down Clear Creek and more.  […]

WIAW: 10-milers make me HUNGRY

Gu Gel Fuel

First off, did anyone have any good April Fool pranks from yesterday? Please share!! In other news, I’m linking up with Jen for the very first time this Wednesday morning! Head on over to her blog to check out more WIAW posts! Yesterday was jam-packed with activities that started with an early wake up call […]

Blog School is BACK!

Blog School 1

Remember when I told you all about the awesome work Rita Barry did with helping me improve my blog? Well, blog school registration is open AGAIN, and you too can “attend” blog school to improve your content, readership and learn how to build lasting relationships with those in the web-tastic world. Blog School begins April 7, 2014 —- […]

The CrossFit Open Gods Love Me

CF 142 3

So remember when I told you no high impact/running due to the stress reaction I had in my tibia? Well, I figured that diagnoses meant that the CrossFit Open this year would be a big ol’ NO. Burpees, box jumps…no bueno. I thought that I should just throw in the towel then.  I had already […]