Training For Naptime


Remember that one time I ran a 50k and then fell off the face of the internet LIKE WOAH. Well now I’m back and here to share all of the happenings in my life as of late like I didn’t just stop blogging for about a month. Because we’re friends, right? And you wouldn’t forget […]

Breakfast Cookies (For those on-the-go!)


With an hour-long commute and hectic schedule, having breakfast on-the-go is a must. Don’t get me wrong, I wish that I could sit down to a steaming bowl of oatmeal and coffee everyday while catching up on blogs. But alas, girlfriend has gotta eat on the road! When Supreme Protein challenged me with creating a […]

My First 50k: All the Nitty, Gritty Details

my first 50k gear

It’s been a little over a week week since I crossed the finish line of my very first 50k. Running 34 miles with a crap ton of elevation gain means a lot of time spent out on the trail…which requires the right gear! Going into this race, I honestly had no idea on what to […]

Indian Creek Fifties Race Report: My First 50k

indian creek finisher

I’m still a little wobbly. My muscles don’t work quite right and my ankles are still a bit swollen. Each morning post-race I’ve woken up and honestly forgotten that I had run for 11 hours straight on Saturday. My body doesn’t hesitate to remind me as soon as I take that first step out of […]

Favorite Finds: Sierra Trading Post


I’ve had a love affair with Sierra Trading Post ever since I nabbed my favorite winter cap off their site last January. Not only are the deals killer to begin with, but they send out a TON of coupons through email and Twitter. So, I can usually snag something for a bazillion dollars off retail […]

5 Things I’ve Realized While Training For An Ultra


Training for my first 50k has been interesting. Seeing as I’m literally just flying by the seat of my pants, it’s been a real learning experience. I’ve asked experienced ultra runners a bazillion-and-one questions, been seeing a sports massage therapist to keep my body in check, and training smart as to finish this with a […]

A Picture Perfect Fall Weekend { + Training }


Thanks for all of the supportive comments on my last post! I’m super pumped and am glad I can share this goal with you guys. As far as training last week, I was on point: Monday: CrossFit Tues: OFF Weds: Yoga Thurs: 3 miles Fri: 4 miles Sat: 4.5 miles Sun: 12 miles Total mileage: […]

I’ve been keeping a secret…


About a month ago, I texted Heidi to see what her plans were for the weekend. The conversation went a little something like this: H: “I’m volunteering for an ultra and camping! Wanna come?” Me: “Only if I can borrow a warm sleeping bag.” Simple as that. I was in. Next thing I knew we […]

Call The Wambulance — My Quads are Fried!


I’m currently sitting on my couch drinking Kombucha [which, btw, is fermented tea. Which I was told was another word for rotting. I love rotten tea.] I have no desire to do anything except stare at a computer screen, take a bath and drink my rotten, vinegar drink. PS — Kombucha is actually really delicious. […]

Reach The Beach Relay: Part II


When we last spoke, I was about to tell you about my 3am, 8.5-mile leg. To preface this, let me first tell you that I literally wanted to CRY before this leg. Not kidding. I was rolled up in my sleeping bag thinking horrible thoughts about the race director who decided 8.5 miles in the […]