Simple Holiday Swaps

The holidays are officially in full swing in my household! Ian and I put up our Christmas tree this weekend — judge all you want! I love coming home to a festive household. There’s something about Christmas decorations that make me all warm and happy inside.

I 100% believe in balance and do not deprive myself when it comes to homemade pizzelles or my mom’s mashed potatoes. However, I do know that if I were to stuff my face with EVERYTHING during the holiday season, I’d most likely feel like crap


Thus, I’m sharing some of my favorite holiday swaps for a healthier season.

  1. 1. Sneak In the Veggies
  2. Making a casserole? Add in some cooked kale or extra broccoli to give it a punch of nutrients. You may not know this about me, but I eat vegetarian about 90% of the time and have since I was a kid. I’m just not a big fan of meat!

Thus, whenever I’m making an indulgent dish I try to sneak in some extra veggies so it’s not carb/cheese overload. It makes the meal more filling AND gives you a boost of vitamins and minerals. I’m a big fan of adding butternut squash to savory bakes — it gives it a bit of texture and is SO delicious.

2. Make Healthier Baked Goods
I LOVE to bake. However, I rarely bake with oil, white sugar or white, all-purpose flour. Instead, I’ve found that replacing:

oil –> coconut oil, applesauce

white all-purpose flour –> whole wheat flour

white sugar –> coconut sugar

…gives you delicious baked goods with a little less “GUNK.”

3. Stay Hydrated
…and I don’t mean get boozy with the mulled wine and stouts. Keep a water bottle handy and replace the high-calorie, indulgent drinks with tea, green juice or sparkling water.

Example: Try Naked Juice’s Green Machine made with lots of good-for-you greens!

4. Make your own sauces and dressings

Seriously, friends. Sauces and dressings are SO simple and cut down on all of the hard-to-pronounce ingredients that found in store bought jars. If you love cooking like me, feel free to get fancy and creative. If not, simple throw together olive oil, your choice of vinegar and a few herbs — shake until combined. Voila! You’ve just got 3-ingredient salad dressing.

5. Be Mindful
We’ve all done it — finishing our plate and not even remembering eating it all. Instead, focus on the flavors and how the food makes you feel. If you really want something, eat it! But be sure to focus on the act of eating instead of scarfing it all down.

I don’t think it’s healthy to deprive yourself of things you truly enjoy. But, make sure that you really are enjoying and savoring them — the holidays only come once a year! (And for me, that means only once a year do I get to eat delicious, homemade pizzelles) :)

This conversation is sponsored by Naked Juice. All thoughts are my own. 


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