Summer Must Have: 8 Uses For Coconut Oil

If there’s one thing in my house right now that I use multiple times a day, it’s coconut. Coconut butter, coconut flakes, coconut water + coconut oil. I’m kookoo for coconuts, yo.

The most versatile for the 4? Definitely coconut oil. I bring a little tupperware with me on every trip and keep also keep one jar in my bathroom AND one in my kitchen. There’s SO many ways to use it — my aunt swears by the stuff — but I find myself using it for the same things over and over again.

Here are some of my favorites:

Makeup Remover — Pesky eye makeup doesn’t stand a chance against this bad boy. The only makeup I wear is mascara, but it’s still a huge pain in the butt to get off at night. I just dip a cottonball into the oil and rub on my eyes. Voila!

Bug Bites — Mosquitos suck. Literally. Since I’m a human buffet for the creatures I usually bring an entire jar with me to the lake to dab on the bites. It helps to stop the itching!

Roasting Veggies — It just tastes good, okay?

Shaving — SO FRESH SO CLEAN. And so smooth. Be sure to rinse off your razor each time because the coconut oil tends to plug it up.

Facial Moisturizer — Coconut Oil is a natural anti-bacterial, so it doesn’t make me break out. My skin is pretty dry so it tends to welcome the oil with open arms.

A Hair Mask — Melt some coconut oil, slather it on your ends and hang out for a few hours. My hair is naturally curly and dry, so this treatment works wonders.

COFFEEEEE — creamy, coconut-y goodness. Stir it into your coffee in the morning for a boost of healthy fats.

naked juice coconut water

Aside from coconut oil, I drink coconut water like it’s going out of style. it’s subtly sweet, contains an elixir of potassium and electrolytes, and keeps me hydrated during CrossFit competitions, hikes or post-run. I. can’t. get. enough.

It’s pretty awesome to me that Naked Juice’s 1L Pure Coconut Water is Fair Trade Certified. The company provides premiums for coconut farmers, which serve as an investment in their local communities for things like: tree replanting, disaster relief funding, school supplies and meals, water purification, better housing and more.

This helps the coconut farmers create safer working conditions, provide them with a living wage and ensures that they receive a fair price for their harvest. I’m a big fan of giving back and 100% believe in the power of karma. Gotta spread good vibes, guys!

naked juice coconut water

Next time you’re heading out for an adventure, put some coconut water in your hydration pack to be sure you’re well hydrated and ready for so f.u.n.

This post is sponsored by Naked Juice. I was compensated and all words/opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting Barefoot Colorado!




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