Reach The Beach Relay: Part II

Screen shot 2014-09-21 at 5.29.22 PM

When we last spoke, I was about to tell you about my 3am, 8.5-mile leg. To preface this, let me first tell you that I literally wanted to CRY before this leg. Not kidding. I was rolled up in my sleeping bag thinking horrible thoughts about the race director who decided 8.5 miles in the […]

Reach The Beach Relay Recap: Day 1


Let’s get to this race recap, shall we? To give you a quick run down, here’s the awesome bloggers that I spent the weekend with: Van 1: Theodora of Preppy Runner Melissa of Fitness NYC Jess of Race Pace Jess Gia of Run, Gia, Run Carrie <– a friend of Gia’s! Christine of Love, Life […]

Where have I been? NEW ENGLAND!


Hi guys!  I’ve spent the last few days adventuring around New England  — not showering, sleeping outside/living out of a van + running. Why, you ask? I was participating in Reach the Beach! When New Balance contacted me and asked if I wanted to join their team of 12 bloggers for the Reach the Beach […]

Sunny Trails + Easy Dinners


Yesterday morning I roped Paige into meeting me for a quick trail run before work. Since Paige lives in Longmont and I work in Boulder, the Boulder trails are a perfect place to meet up in the morning before we have to go be responsible [although I wish I could play on the trails all […]

Operation Faster: Speed Workout #1

speedy 600s speed workout

Since many of you showed interest in me posting my speed workouts, I figured I’d do a weekly series where I shared them with you. After all, I aim to please! If you aren’t familiar with my current workout routine, I’m doing a mixture of CrossFit, speed workouts and trail runs to train for two […]

Running + CrossFitting through Life Lately


Hellllllooo! This post is about to be a whole lotta random. So get ready. There’s a few things that I’ve been absolutely loving lately, and they range from things like leafy, green vegetables all the way to baby mohawks. We’ll dive into those another day. But, if you’ve learned anything from the last sentence is […]

Trail Running For Beginners: Matthews/Winters Park

Trail running for beginners

It’s no secret that I’ve taken up a hobby of playing on dusty (or rocky!) trails lately. After being dragged off of my cozy pull-out couch at Blend one morning by Heidi (who runs 50+ miles for fun FYI), I discovered that trail running is much more interesting than road running. I’m going to pull a […]

Trail Fun With New Balance

hiking greys peak in new balance

A little over a week ago, I played hookie and drove up to Boulder to hang out with the New Balance crew. I headed up mid-morning where I met Lynne, Heidi and Heather in the hotel lobby, along with the rest of the peeps ready to have some fun. I really don’t mind going to events […]

Yoga on the Rocks [+ a giveaway!]


Last Saturday I woke up bright and early (5:00am on Saturdays have become a new norm. WHAT?) to meet my friend Shelby at Red Rocks for some yoga. Red Rocks teamed up with Core Power to give four Saturday sessions of Yoga on the Rocks. I was planning on attending the event anyways, so when […]

Oh hey, remember me?


It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it? Instead of boring you with lots of words that explain what’s been going on ’round here, I’ll just give you some bullets. Because bullet points make everything easier. Lots of trail running!  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I’ve been hitting up the trails with […]