Post-Workout Refuel (For gals on the go!)

I hear a lot of questions on the interwebs about what to eat before and after a workout. Now, I’m definitely no expert in the topic but I’ve definitely discovered a few delicious options that work for my body + schedule whether I’m in the gym lifting weights after work or heading to the trails in the morning.


Pre-Workout: Morning

If I’m working out in the morning, I usually can’t handle eating much or it makes me want to vomit. Thus, I usually settle for half of a banana or small, homemade muffin (I just tried these this week and YUM). This small amount of carbs doesn’t upset my stomach but also gives me the energy to play before work #dawnpatrol.

Pre-Workout: Evening

If I’m working out in the evening, I usually have a small snack 2 hours prior to working out. This usually includes yogurt + nuts or an apple + string cheese. Super simple, but it works for me!


Regardless of when I workout, I like to refuel with a mixture of carbs + proteins to replenish my body and muscles. If I’m on the go, a Naked Juice Berry Almond Nutmilk smoothie is *thumbs up emoji*.

naked juice almond berry nutmilk

If I’m at home, I’ll usually whip up a smoothie on my own and have been LOVING Paige’s Strawberry Cheesecake smoothie.

Let’s be honest though — most of my post-workout meals are on the go and that’s why it’s nice to chug a bottle of Naked Juice after sweating my butt off for an hour or so. Naked Juice packs fruits, nuts and 11g of plant protein into one bottle and is so darn convenient.

Another new Naked Juice, Peachy Almond Nutmilk, will also be in stores nationwide in early July. Peach is my JAM so I’m pumped to try out this flavor!!

I love hearing about other’s post-workout snacks — so please share your favorite!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Naked Juice as part of an ongoing partnership. I received compensation + all opinions/thoughts are my own. Thank you for your continued support of Barefoot Colorado

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