Drink Good Do Good

When Ian and I moved into our new place, I was most excited about 2 things: Our huge patio that received plenty of sunshine and the bright, open kitchen. At our old apartment, we had upstairs neighbors that kept their dog locked on their patio all day, so the poor thing relieved himself solely on the patio. In turn, his waste dripped down to our deck deeming it basically unusable. (And yes, we’ve brought this to our leasing office’s attention MANY times. Grr.)

So, when we moved into our new place in May, I was stoked to buy allllll the plants and create a mini garden on our clean, beautiful patio.

I came home from the local nursery with a cherry tomato plant, jalapenos, basil and plenty of flowers to create a little haven for us to relax on during the quiet mornings and summertime evenings that I love so much.

Watching the plants bloom and eventually grow their tiny buds into fresh fruits and veggies made me so happy — to the point where I loved coming home from weekend adventures and heading straight to harvest our little bounty. (Oh, and I should mention that all of our plants have names. I know it’s weird. But it’s also hilarious).

Naked Juice Partners With Wholesome Wave to donate fresh produce to local food dessers

I grew up growing fruits and veggies in our backyard garden, and I’m happy that my mom always had fresh produce available for my sister and I to snack on. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for all humans. Nearly 24 million Americans live in food deserts and don’t have access to affordable, quality, fresh fruits and vegetables.

As you guys know, I have an ongoing partnership with Naked Juice. For the third year, Naked Juice is partnering with Wholesome Wave – an organization that helps create affordable access to fresh, local and regional food to those in need – to provide fresh produce where there is none (up to 500k pounds worth!) in their Drink Good Do Good Campaign.

Naked Juice and Wholesome Wave DrinkGoodDoGood

This year, Naked Juice is making it simple for people across the country to join the #DrinkGoodDoGood effort: just take a photo of yourself holding a fruit tag a friend, and Naked Juice will donate the monetary equivalent of 10 pounds of produce to neighbors in need. Lack of fresh fruits and veggies leads to a poor diet — leading to disease and decrease in quality of life.

I don’t know about you, but taking a selfie is a pretty easy way to ensure that other’s get to benefit from the vitamins and nutrients (and deliciousness!!!) that you and I get to experience every day.


If any of you have your own garden, I want to see it! Now… go get to pickin’. But first, let me take a selfie.

Disclaimer: This post in sponsored by Naked Juice. I was compensated and all opinions are my own. 


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