An Update on Life

Oh hey snow, didn’t see you there.

I wasn’t really expecting to get dumped on by snow yesterday, but I can’t say that I mind it. Other than the fact that my car got stuck twice this morning — my own fault, I need new tires.

Besides spinning my wheels and having a Mines campus police car having to push me up a hill, I’m enjoying looking out my window at the snow-covered trees.  (I was dropping my boyfriend off at school this a.m and he ended up being more later to class than if he had just walked. Oops! That’s what you get for asking my baby sedan to try and make it up the icy hills of Golden).

I’m in a lighthearted, scatter-brained mood this morning, so this post will surely reflect that.

Let’s get random!


… I’m wanting
Patagonia puffy

A puffy jacket!! Too bad the majority of them cost an arm & a leg. A friend of mine has the Patagonia down jacket and LOVES it. I might have to splurge. I’m also looking at these:

powerfly columbia

Columbia Powerfly Omni-Heat Down Jacket

Mountain Hardwear Zonal Down Jacket

…I’m loving
Columbia Omni Heat Base Layer Pink

This Columbia Omni-Heat Baselayer from Heather at Just a Colorado Gal! I won it in an #omniten movie line contest that Heather held on her blog. Who would have thought being able to recall odd lines in flicks would score me some Columbia swag? It just arrived this morning, so I haven’t been able to test it out just yet (besides wearing it around the house..which is what I’m doing now), but I’ll keep you guys posted! It’s my first time trying the omni-heat technology!

…I’m craving
French Toast Green Smoothie
This yummy breakfast that I had the other day. It was banana overnight french toast (SO GOOD) and a green smoothie. I’ve been making a lot of whole-ingredient juices in my Ninja blender. It’s a lot more filling than regular juicing AND you can hardly tell that it’s a smoothie and not a juice if you use a high-powered blender.

This particular recipe included 1 honeycrisp apple, handful of spinach, about 6 baby carrots juice form half a lemon and some ice/water.

…I’m sore as crap from lunges. Does anyone else get SUPER sore from lunges? I swear it’s the only leg exercise that makes my butt and inner thighs just DIE the next couple of days. Squats ain’t got nothin’ on lunges.

… I’m reading

The Fault in Our Stars. Such a wonderful, well written novel. John Green’s writing is BEAUTIFUL and this story cuts straight to your heart. I’m about 75% of the way through it right now, and have a feeling I will be bawling at the end. I’ll keep y’all updated.

Also, apparently they are coming out with a movie. Shailene Woodly is going to play Hazel. She’s also playing Tris in Divergent. Am I the only one who thinks this is absurd?? She just bugs me for some reason! B.A ,Dauntless-loving Tris can’t be the girl from Secret Life of the American Teenager. She can’t.

Well, it’s back to work I go! Next up on the agenda, emails, calls and then some CrossFit. Have a great day!

Your turn: 

  • What is “currently” happening in your life?
  • What book are you reading at the moment?


  1. says

    Yay! The base layer looks great on you– love the color!

    And seriously, email me re: down jackets. I have the Power Fly and know a lot about the Patagonia and MHW jackets :) But, there is a 30% off link on my blog today (good through Feb) to STP so I bet we can find you something affordable with that!

  2. says

    girl, lunges KILL me too! Heavy heavy squats also tear apart my legs, but lunges are a killer. I think because I don’t do them often at the box. That jacket looks bomb dot com. I need one too!

  3. says

    I need a long puffy jacket! my jacket is from the 11th grade and my brother is wearing it now. The shorties are cold on my back. So I’m hoping for something that covers my bum.

    • says

      I actually saw that Sierra Trading Post has a Columbia down jacket that is long. Let me see if I can find the link & I’ll shoot it to you on Twitter.

  4. says

    I went into a Patagonia store on Saturday, and I liked so many of the items there! I really wanted to test out those jackets, because they look so slim. They must really work, though, because people are always boasting about them.

  5. says

    Enjoy the book! That was one of my favorites as well. Very easy but amazing read. Yes, you will cry!

    I’m currently reading The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. It’s a mystery that’s kind of odd, but also pretty good. I need to finish it for my book club this Saturday though and I’m not sure I’m gonna get enough time to read this week! Always my problem these days..

  6. says

    I love puffy jackets but cannot pull them off. I look like a marshmallow. :) And lunges kill me every. single. time. AND… I’m running the 10k at the Spring Fever Half & 10k in Golden in March! Hopefully those hills you’re talking about won’t slaughter me.

  7. says

    Did you hear that there’s more snow for Thursday and Friday too? It’s balderdash.

    I need a new winter coat soooooo badly. I keep eying STP waiting for something super warm, waterproof, and awesome to appear!

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