Just Call Me Hermione

I know, I know. We’ve talked about this before. 

Hermione is my soul sister because we both have crazy hair & love school supplies. Hermione is probably a lot cooler than I am because she does magic & stuff but whatever, I like to think we’re twinzies.

Speaking of back to school supplies, Hermione would be super proud of the haul that I brought home this weekend.

Sunday I ventured on over to Office Depot to stock up on supplies for the spring semester (my last one!!!) and to drool over all of the awesome, organizational goodies that they have. Did I mention that I’m type A?

Now, I could wax poetic about all of the stuff that I have on my office supply wish list, but instead I’ll share with y’all what I did bring home.

Office Depot Back to School Campaign


The usual:

  • 5 Star Notebook (I get one EVERY semester)
  • composition notebook
  • staples (comm majors write LOTS of papers!)
  • pens
  • notecards

These are my staples (ha! get it?) for every semester. Nothing makes me happier than a crisp new notebook!

The new & exciting:

  • A kindle cover! — I found this on sale ($15!!) and it’s absolutely adorable. I bought a few Kindle editions of my textbooks this semester, so I knew that I’d be hauling my beloved Kindle to and from class, work and Starbucks. This called for a cover, and this colorful, sturdy and chic one fits the bill.
    Kindle Cover Kindle Cover
  • To-Do List stickies — Again, hello type A personality. I write to-do lists like they are my job. I though these stickies would be PERFECT for keeping all of my to-do’s in one place. Plus, they even have little bubbles you get to check off. That may or may not be my favorite part.
    To-do list stickies

Even though I’ll probably be whining here in a few weeks due to Senioritis, I’m super excited to start using all of my new toys!!

All that’s missing is a new planner. Can you believe that they actually make planners without tabs?  How the heck am I supposed to flip to each month!? Blasphemy. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a new one!

Guess what guys? Office Depot is offering you guys a sweet deal for your back to school shopping. Or, ya know, if you just get really excited about notebooks & stickies. Hey, I’m not judging!

Use this link for $10 off a $50 purchase at OfficeDepot.com. 

Peace out from me & my homegirl Hermione.


Your turn:

  • Back to school shopping: Love it or hate it?
  • Are you type A or type B?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from Office Depot. I received a $100 gift card to Office Depot for my back to school supplies in exchange for this post. I did not receive any other compensation. As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. says

    I love buying school supplies! Seriously, I’m totally Type A too and I used to get so excited about buying school supplies every year. When I started grad school (after almost 4 years of being out of undergrad) I got to go crazy buying school supplies again and it made me SO happy!

      • says

        I do love it! The free time feels amazing and well deserved after spending a lot of my life in school! My plans aren’t very concrete right now…I’ve been on the search for a “normal” type of job in an office or human resources, but it hasn’t been working out very well in my city! Might have to start to think about moving! I really would like to get involved with a place that focuses on health & wellness, but Duluth doesn’t have a lot of options.

  2. says

    Oh how you make me miss college!! I’m pretty sure I should list “professional list developer” to my resume because I have a list for just about everything, and about 10 copies of the same list everywhere my type A personality stepped foot on. Let me make a list to get those to do list post its now…

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